Feature upgrade

Hi everyone!

I have finally been able to put some time into the DJ Feed again. Still working on several other improvements, but this seems to be what most users need at the moment. First up was to fix the requests part of things. For that purpose, the user interfaces (UIs) has been re-written.

The new look & feel adds a few things:

  • The DJ can now “quick add” dances directly where the requests are
  • The Requests admin interface now uses more columns to fit more info into less space and at the same time make it easier to overview
  • The Requests Admin now allows to remove single requests in the case of misspelling and similar
  • All requests are handled faster, which means it gets easier for DJs to manage
  • The dancer’s UI is cleaner and more informative
  • Both UIs looks better (according to me) 🙂
  • Easier-to-use, more intuitive, link/address

And also; I added an “enable/disable requests” in the normal admin interface. Might be useful if you want to prevent users from adding requests near closing time or between events.

If you’d like to try the new way of handling requests, the link for users is: <your feed name>/requests/ and for you to administrate things (requires your login): <your feed name>/admin/requests/

Please note that the old links will continue to function as per normal if anything should fail. It will be removed fairly soon, though.

Now; Off to enhance the multi-room features!  =)