Wohoo! Eurodance rocked!


Me again. Me and my ‘line dance family’ just got home from Eurodance in Southport, England. This event was set up at a hotel for 4 days with 3 different dance floors, 35 choreographers and about 400 dancers. This means we had three DJs updating the feeds and one view to show all three floors’ next three dances and next upcoming event. One of the event directors put an iPad powered 42″ TV in the reception (which everyone had to pass) and that was a brilliant move. Strongly recommended!

Due to the large demand during this event, I was a bit scared the server would have a hard time coping with the requests. And yes, there was some minor issues with the updating of the feeds, but this was 100% due to problems with the local WiFi. The server never even flinched.  Not a single drop-out. Not a single page miss. As I think I wrote earlier, the DJ Feed was officially released during that event. And. it. worked. perfectly! I am so happy!

Will try to get hold of some pictures from the event to show y’all!