New functionality being added

Hi again!

As excited I am about having the DJ Feed running at World Dance Masters in Blackpool next weekend, I am still working on extending the functionality of things. So far I am going to launch event chat channels, a way for people who don’t know each other to meet and text each other in order to clear out questions like ‘Am I the only one who knows dance XXX?’, ‘Does anyone know a good place to eat in this town’ and ‘I live in the next town south from here, anyone going there on the way home?’. Chat channels are currently only available at WDM Worlds, but will be globally available shortly.

Another useful feature is the requests page. The page has three sides to it:

  • A send-your-request form
  • A listing (for dancers) of the requests made, approximate play time and a list of requests already played.
  • Inspiration links plus a top list of previous requests
  • An admin view where you can see who requested what and when.

The requests page is currently available to all feeds. Just drop me an e-mail and I will enable your feed.

There has also been updates on security, stability and a complete re-make on multi room handling to make it even easier to use and understand.

I think we might be getting ready for Blackpool now!  🙂