Questions & Answers

Q: What does it look like?
A: Head over to our demo feed and have a look! I’d love to be able to show you the input page for the demo, but due to excessive spamming, it requires a log in. If you don’t have a DJ Feed account, I would need to create one for you. For free, of course. Just contact me.

Q: Why is this never done before?
A: No idea. It’s fast, simple and efficient. And the dancers love it!

Q: Is it hard to install?
A: Not on your part. Zilch. Nada. Nothing. Zero minutes. Zero effort. Once you have a feed, all you need to do is type the address into your favourite Internet browser.

Q: Can I get a feed of my own?
A: Yes, you can! You can’t add one yourself, but please contact me and I can set it up for you. This process is manual and can take some time, so please let me know in good time before the event!

Q: Someone said this was an app? Is it?
A: This is a common misconception. It is actually just a really fast-loading web page. But it is “app-able” by devices like iPhone, iPad and the latest Androids. Try adding the feed as a bookmark on your device’s desktop/start screen and you will know what they mean!

Q: I only have a 1 GB mobile Internet data plan. Will this use it all?
A: If you don’t have WiFi, it will use your mobile Internet data plan. But the feeds are built to use the absolute minimum of data for every refresh. 1GB of data equals about 850.000(!) updates. At the standard rate of 1 update per 15 seconds, that’s less that 0,0003 GB per hour per device. If you are continuously watching the feed. Seems fair?

Q: Why the black background and total lack of fancy graphics?
A: This is to be used by devices like an iPad or Android device. About 90% of the battery drain on tablet in use is caused by the screen. The darker the screen, the longer it lasts. And for big screens/TVs, this will make the lamp or screen panel last a whole lot longer. Also, it doesn’t intrude on the cosiness of dim lighting in the room either. The lack of graphics is just to keep the updates small. And fast. And cheap (if you are on a mobile Internet connection).

Q: So how can I use this on a big screen?
A: Just connect an Internet enabled device (PC, Mac, Smartphone etc) to the screen, send your Internet browser to the feed address and that’s it! I do recommend using the “full screen” mode. This is normally done by pressing F11 in the browser.

Q: Do you recommend any specific browsers?
A: Internet Explorer or Firefox are the best ones for PCs as far as I’ve tested. Google Chrome seems to cause a ‘blink’ on every refresh. But anything should work and the page should look the same on all kinds of browsers.

Q: Why does the page look different on my phone than on my computer?
A: It can sense if you are in portrait or landscape mode. Try tilting your phone or make your browser windows narrow and tall (like your phone’s screen) and see what happens!   🙂

Q: So how do I contact you about this?
A: Have a look at the contact page!  🙂