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Help wanted!

Hi everyone!

I am currently translating the DJ Feed to different languages. Could you possibly help me with yours (or any other language you know)?

All I need is your common expression for:
Event (Summary/General event info i.e. what the event is called)
Playlist (or dance list? What du you call it?)
Event information (Times, workshops.. Like ‘schedule’)
Follow this in your mobile
Feed (as in ‘news feed’)
Not shown to users

Remember: Use the words that feel common to you. In Sweden, we never refer to the Playlist as Playlist. Therefore, the translation in Swedish would be “danslista” (Dance list).

Have a look at these pages to see what it looks like:
Demo feed | Admin page

Please just drop me an e-mail with your translation. My address is found here.

So far we’ve got:
Norwegian (Thank, Hanne!)
Danish (Thanks Johnny!)
German (Thanks Anne-Berit!)
Estonian (Thanks Merju!)
French (Thanks, Jean-Pierre!)
Finnish needs to be checked. Can someone with FI settings please surf to the demo feed and have a look?

Super thanks in advance!
// Marcus