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Some updates!

Finally back from the holidays! Here’s some new features for you.

  • If you haven’t already noticed, the landscape or “PC” view has a few letters (S, M, L and XL) at the bottom left of the screen. This enables you to change the font size of that screen in order to fit all your information. The XL font size also disables the event information box on the right in order to use a huge font size. Very usable for small projector screens or if you use iPads in the room.
  • The requests system now also suggests dance names in order to help the dancers get them correctly spelled. In these days, with some obscure dance names out there, this is a major improvement for the DJs to be able to find what dance you really ment to ask for. If your request isn’t suggested, you can still send it in.

I hope you like the news and I plan for adding some more soon!

PS. The database has some “garbage” dance names saved and tries to suggest them. I will clean it shortly. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New look: Accent colour

Due to requests from near and far, the accent colour of the DJ Feed has been changed to a more “pow” version of the same. The old green was a bit hard to read off a projector screen, so now it’s more of a lime green version. I hope this works better! 🙂

When time permits, I will add an option to change the colour on a per-feed basis, so you DJs out there can change it to fit the event’s colours!

Server downtime

I will always try to keep the DJ Feed online much as possible, but due to the fact the server has got a whole bunch of new users lately, I will start doing frequent check-ups and updates on the server and the services provided. This means the server will be unavailable when maintenece needs to be done. Normally this is scheduled to run when the server has the least probability of users needing the DJ Feed and for now it will start on Thursday mornings at 06:00 CET. The services will return to normal as soon as this maintenece is done. I will however need to do reboots at other times as well, but this is very rarely done on high usage times.

If this is in any way an inconvenience for you or if you find the DJ Feed is unavailable when you need it, please e-mail me. I hope for your understanding.