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Multi room reinvented + other bits & pieces

Multi room – reinvented

I have now spent a decent amount of time upgrading, expanding and bugfixing the multi-room feature into what I now would call a very much more mature and useable feature of this product. We have seen multi room before at both WDM Worlds and Eurodance, but the admin part of that was for me a near nightmare. The system was built to handle one feed at a time and I needed to do some serious persuation to make the system do what needed for each time a multi room was needed. No more!

The system now has the capability not only to recognize a multi room event, but also handling the separate rooms as well as the common (or parent) feed. The parent feed makes an excellent event mini-website. Very useful for getting more non-urgent information i.e. maps, hotel checkin/checkout times etc. to your guests! Each child feed (room) will also point the guests to that parent page for information, and the parent will show links to all its child/room feeds for playlists and room times.  Any child feed would also include the room time table for all the other rooms of the same event.

Any urgent info (you know the green text at the bottom of the screens) will now show the same info in all rooms automatically.

I could go on and on about all the smart details, but I can see this is a lot of information to process.  So let me just say this; The new multi-room feature will be revealed at the Wild Wild West Reno Dance Event (14-17 May). After that you can test drive the thing yourself and I will try to have instructions ready. But as always; If you’re interested in learning more about the DJ Feed and what it can do for you; Please let me know. I will gladly give you the grand tour or explain a certain feature either by e-mail, facebook or even over the phone if you like.

Some minor bits & pieces
  • Added a view called Projector mode, accessible from the admin panel. It only shows the current playlist. No headers, no event information. I don’t recommend using it but in extreme cases with long dance names. But it is there and available if you feel the need for it.
  • Those of you who use spreadsheets containing alternate dances/floorsplits can now copy-paste directly from the spreadsheet and the output will be automatically formatted when you press save.
  • No name = no request. Except for the DJ of course. =)
  • The DJ Feed Recommended Requests will now show ‘Top 20’ instead of ‘Top 10’, for more dances to choose from.
  • Minor fixing in the user interface + adding, moving and removing links to different stuff for useability and ease.
  • A profile page is underway. That gives the users possibility to change user info/password etc. I will also add a “create your own feed” functionality in there. ‘When?’  -Soon!
  • I have finally found the reason for a bug that’s been lurking around for some time; some iPhones have had problems with the font size of the bottom banner, making the bottom part of the page hard to access/read. Until I find the final solution for this, I have made the banner smaller on all devices. Will fix as soon as possible.