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My name is Marcus Lindfors and I live in Gävle, Sweden.

MeI’ve been line dancing since 2002 and started DJ-ing shortly after. This is one of my contributions to the line dancing society. I sincerely hope you enjoy using this as much as I did making it. Any ideas on features you would like or if something isn’t working, please let me know and I will have a look at it.

E-mail: marcus [at] djfeed [dot] net
Mobile: +46-70-55 88 987
Skype: marcus_lindfors
Facebook: marcus.lindfors

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10 thoughts on “Contact info”

    1. Hi!

      Yes, you can join. Please send me what you would like your feed name to be. i.e. along with your name and your email address and I will set it up for you. I will even give you a personal tour to show you all functionality if you like! =)

      My e-mail address is on the contact page.

      // Marcus

  1. Hi Marcus, I am based out of Vancouver, Canada and have seen your DJ feed info as posted be Big Dave.

    My wife, Michele Perron and I, DJ some events in the Pacific Northwest, our next event is Sweetheart Jamboree, held in Bellevue, Washington weekend of February 13,14,15th.

    Would it be possible for me to try out your system for dance requests and playlists for this event?

    Thanks in advance,

    Brian Bull

    1. Absolutely! Sorry for late response since I didn’t see your comment, unfortunately. I will send you an e-mail to continue this conversation.

  2. Aloha Marcus… this is so intriguing. I host monthly dances and periodic workshops here in Honolulu, and this sounds like something that would be really useful for me. what are the next steps to trying this out. Mahalo.

    1. Hi Beverly! You could of course use this for all kinds of events, large and small. I will send you an e-mail with more info on how to get started! =)

    1. Very sorry for not seeing this. But thanks for e-mailing me. That got it sorted!

      For anyone else wanting a DJ Feed for your event: E-mail me instead of commenting here. Much much faster response! 😉

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