DJ Feed?

What on earth is a DJ Feed? Well, if you are a DJ at an event you would like to get information to reach the dancers at that event. Especially the information about what songs, workshops and similar things are coming up next. A DJ Feed is just an easy way to make that happen.

What the dancers do is just open any Internet browser and head over to What you (the DJ) do is just log in to your admin page, type the info and press save. Within 15 seconds, all dancers have the info in their mobile phones, tablets and smart screens.

It is very, very simple to use and maintain. Promise! And since there is currently no option available for people to pay for this system, you can use it for free. There might be different feature packs with different price tags available in the future, but the basic version will always be free. And no, you don’t need to register a credit card or anything to get going.